The Kaniksu Cares plan provides you peace of mind to know that your equipment and connection are covered, and no surprises are in store for you down the road. With Kaniksu Cares you'll get a router, telephone support for all your devices, cable and equipment protection, and more!

Let us take the guesswork out of your internet connection. With Kaniksu Cares, we'll provide you with one of our wireless routers and manage it for you. Slow internet? Let us look at it remotely. Weak signal in your house? We can likely diagnose it remotely.

$6.99 /mo

Each additional mesh unit $3.99/mo

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Whole Home Coverage

With our mesh system, we'll ensure your entire house is covered in fast, reliable internet.

Annual Network Checkup

One Wi-Fi network to cover your house. No need to switch Wi-Fi networks in different parts of your home.

No Upfont Costs

No expensive up front router purchase, a low monthly price for your equipment.

Cable Protection

We'll replace, free of charge, any accidental damage to outside wiring from CPE/Radio.

Free Upgrades

We'll upgrade you for free to our latest and greatest equipment (as needed).

30% Discount on Service Calls

If there is something that isn't covered under Kaniksu Cares, we'll give you a 30% discount on the service call fee.

Kaniksu Router

The foundation of a great connection

We Do All the Hard Work

Not sure what router you need for your internet connection? Kaniksu can help you get our router configured and optimized just right for your home. Have a large home, or a hard to reach area? We'll our routers are designed to be meshed, so you can get perfect coverage everywhere you need it.

No Upfront Router Cost

24/7 Wi-Fi Password and name changes

Worry-Free Router Replacement

Firmware Upgrades for Your Router

Peace of Mind

Cable Protection

Protect your cabling from accidental damage, and normal wear and tear. Any unintentional damage is covered with Kaniksu Cares.

Router Replacement

We'll provide the warranty on your router, and swap it out free of charge if anything ever goes wrong. Any unintentional damage or defect is covered.

Free Upgrades

Technology is constantly changing and your connection will too. As new technology comes out that you can take advantage of, we'll upgrade your router for free.

Kaniksu Cares is different than our standard router purchase. Here is a breakdown of what each covers.

  Kaniksu Cares Router Only
No Upfront Router Cost Yes No
Cable Protection Yes No
Kaniksu Router Warranty1 Forever 1-Year
Free Router Upgrades Yes No
Whole Home Coverage Yes2 Available
Not Covered Service Calls 30% Discount3 $75 per hour
Annual Connection Checkup4 Yes No
Wi-Fi Name/Password Changes Yes Yes
Free Install Moving Service5 Yes No

  1. Kaniksu assumes the warranty for your router, either for life (Kaniksu Cares), or for 1 year (standard router purchase).
  2. First unit included at base price, each additional mesh unit is $3.99 per month.
  3. Many things are covered under Kaniksu Cares. In the event something is not covered, we'll discount the hourly rate by 30%.
  4. Call us at 208-264-2220 to schedule your annual check up.
  5. Free install, (not including fiber constrution costs, if applicable) if moving to an address where Kaniksu service is available.